Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The gift of giving

Christmas is a season when people like to give.  It is so amazing to read story after story of the gracious people giving out of selflessness.  We actually were a recipient of someone being kind.  We had put some things on layaway for our boys for Christmas.  I received a phone call from Walmart the day we were to pay it off and pick it up.  The voice that left the message on my phone was so excited to tell me that a 'secret santa' had paid the remaining balance of our layaway and that we could come pick up our items.  I cried at the generosity of this person who didn't know me or my family but had chosen to be a blessing.  As, I went out that day, it made me want to bless another.  I was on the lookout for a way to do something without being known.  It really is amazing how one person's act of kindness stirs that same thought in you. I am reminded of several commercials that I have seen about this very thing.  One, is showing how others around the giver and the person being blessed, see the kindness and purpose to do something themselves.  It doesn't have to be as extreme as paying off a bill, but as simple as holding the door for someone or picking up something someone has dropped or saying a kind word to someone.  Maybe you see a young mom who is struggling with a crying little one....maybe say something encouraging like, "you are a great mom."  The day that I received a blessing, I thought as I was putting gas in my car that I could go prepay at a pump that someone would later pull up to.  Or, pay for the lunch of someone in line behind me at McDonald's.  My sister in law pulled up to a toll booth only to find that the person ahead of her had paid for her.

These are such great ideas but why must it only be at Christmas?  I encourage you to continually be a blessing throughout the year.  It does several things....first, it blesses others....second, it is like food for your own soul to know that you have helped someone.....and last, it models to others the act of kindness and starts a wave.

I had a friend ask on her fb how she could get her kids to understand the act of giving.  I think it is a continual attitude that rubs off as they see the happiness it brings and the joy it is to give.  I have to say, that it warms my heart to see my kids catch on to the act of kindness.

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