Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Puzzle Pieces of Life's Journey

Has anyone else ever related their life to a giant puzzle?  I think of this often as I reflect on my journey and how it has all fit together like puzzle pieces to make a huge picture.  The frustration for me is not being able to see the finished picture.  I am one who needs the picture on the front of the box to be able to finish....maybe I am not the only one.  But, my comfort is that I know God sees the big picture and places the pieces as He sees fit, to guide my journey and fulfill His purpose for me.  I have tried to sit back and just enjoy the journey He has for me but I still want to know where He is leading.  This past few years has been one of great lessons. I know that each lesson is yet another piece of that puzzle and that God is getting us ready for the next phase of the journey.  I try to figure it out at times and just find it frustrating.  As I put on my facebook status the other day, I have searched for my purpose all my life, and I have found that many times, purpose is found in reflection of experiences that life has brought me through.  We learn through experience and let me tell you, I have learned so much.  Do I have all the answers? Heavens NO!  I do know that God has given me a new passion for people.  I know that He has gifted me with hospitality and discernment.  I know that the pains I have faced in my life will not be in vain because I now understand more about what someone may be feeling as they go through those same struggles.  What is He preparing me for? Helping people.  What does that look like? I don't know but I am willing and ready to do what I can to be a friend to someone who needs it.

We came out to Colorado to help plant churches.  We have gained new perspective of church.  We see through the eyes of those who have been hurting and don't know where to turn.  My husband is an ordained minister but we have seen how little that means.  We are willing to pastor a church if that is where God leads but we also see Him working through our lives out in the world that needs Him.  The "church" shouldn't be a building that we go to.  Jesus came so that we didn't have to go to a building.  He built us for relationship and we are the church.  "We" are the ones He has sent to help the world see Him.  So, I may not see the big picture and know where I will live or how I will be used, but I know that I am to share God's love on a daily basis and my experiences help me to do that better.  

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