Monday, August 22, 2011

"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

I have had so much on my mind lately.  We are waiting for God to show us the next chapter in our life/ministry.  Does it include "full time ministry" within a church or do we continue loving on people as we work in the work force.  I want to get to where we can raise our kids and not worry about renting a church apartment.  I want stability.  I worry about my kids as they go off to school, about the friends they will make and decisions that come along with that.  After losing babies, I struggle with worrying about their safety when I can't be there to instruct them. There are those in the "religious" realms that say worrying is a sin.  I can call it concern if you would like but the truth is I do worry.  If it makes me chat more with God how can it be sinful?  I can't tell someone who has a sick child, not to worry....or a person who has lost their job, don't worry....or a wife/husband who is struggling with their relationship, don't worry....or a family who is losing their home, don't worry....a parent or spouse who has sent their loved one off to serve our country, don't worry...I could go on and on.  The truth is, we all worry and shouldn't be afraid to be honest with each other as well as with God.  Jesus does say to His disciples in Luke 12:22-34, not to worry about everyday life.  He is simply saying that God loves and takes care of his children.  Yes, worrying does not add a moment to your life, He is asking you to rely on Him.  But, He also knows that we do worry, it is part of our nature.  So, encourage those who are going through the rough times.  Pray for them, love on them, give them encouragement.  I can see how worrying about something can overtake your thoughts and consume you, but if we completely ignore and flippantly barge through life, how will we learn to rely on God to carry us through.  I think that in my own heart and life, when I worry, it is time to talk to God.  

Just thoughts.....  

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