Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Springtime, Ladybugs and Bad Words

We haven't experienced much in the way of spring weather yet here in Colorado.  I am ready for it though.  I was remembering last year at this time....once again, laughing at the funny things that kids say.  I thought I would share some on here before they leave my memory, as if they could.

Hayden spent the entire day with our neighbor boy enjoying the sun and playing outside....and catching bugs.  Sounds like a great springtime thing for boys to do.......he is even sweet to find the flowers to bring in to mom.  But, after an afternoon of catching ladybugs and putting them in a jar with a lid that he poked holes in so they could breath, I had to laugh at his description of them. " Mom, look at all these ladybugs....I even found a double one! "  Hehehe!  Since he is only six, we will save the birds and bees talk for another time!

Dennis and I were in the car, deep in discussion as we heard Hayden yell these words, "SUCK IT!"  Boy, did that catch our attention!  Dennis and I both turned and Dennis said, "Hayden, you do not say that!  Where did you hear those words? "  Hayden shrank back in his seat as we continued to tell him that he shouldn't say that and those were bad words.  Then he spoke up and said, "ok, but Hudson is biting his sucker and I want him to suck it."  Oh my goodness! Where are our minds?  I laughed out loud at that one but was very relieved that he was innocent.

Speaking of innocent, I have to tell one on Hunter.  Our kids have not been in the country much even though I am a country girl.  This would be funny enough except that it came from the mouth of a then, 13 year old.  One day, he asked me, "mom, do all cows have gutters?"  LOL!  Shhhh, don't give him a hard time but that is funny stuff right there, I don't care who you are.

I have had to rethink some of the words that I use.  It is just amazing how bad they sound coming from the mouth of a child.  There were a lot of words that I could never say growing up, and some that I don't allow my kids to say.  Like "stupid, shut-up, fart".  But, for some reason the word "crap" was ok.  So, I guess I must say it too much because I have had to tell Hudson that it is not ok to yell "crap" when he drops something or say "what the crap" when someone startles him.  We have tried to go back to words I remember my Grandpa Harley saying....words like "frogfuzz and horsefeathers".  I even have to rethink the word that Holden used to use when he was little....bullet!  I wonder where that one came from.  Oh, and one more....Hunter came home from preschool at the age of three and surprised me with a "what the hell are you doing?" when he saw that the furniture had been moved from its normal place.  I am pretty sure that my gasping reaction caused him to realize that was not something he should say....and has not said it again. 

Kids are so much fun and they are like little sponges, soaking in all the information around them.  I know I can't keep them innocent forever but I am certainly going to try.

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  1. Love it! Kids usually say exactly what they think, which is not always appropriate, but funny!