Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Creating Fun Memories

The past two years have been very difficult for us.  Financially, it has been a train wreck.  In and effort to get out of debt and also having a very limited income, we have learned how to live simply, and a lot of times, go without.  But, we have learned a wonderful lesson.  We have become more creative and I believe it has drawn us closer as a family. 

There have been no big birthday parties.  We have started a family tradition....fondue of the birthday boy's choice on the living room floor and homemade birthday cake with six forks and no plates. (Really, this was a discovered treat only after I decided that my pitiful cake was not going to cut into slices without falling apart.  Who knew that the crew would love digging into the cake like that?)  We have had to be creative. 

Just the other day, Valentine's Day, I knew we couldn't take the whole family to a restaurant for dinner.  So, we made it special here at home.  I made a big dinner, complete with candlelight, sparkling apple cider and most importantly, cheesecake.  The boys happily dressed up even though it was only going to be a trip to our own dining table.  We turned out the lights and enjoyed our meal together by candlelight.  The boys thought it was the greatest thing ever!!!!  I must say, I still have some work ahead in the manners department.  I am not quite sure why boys think it is so funny to burp at the dinner table, and knowing them, it would have been no different at a fine restaurant.  I also understand now, why candles are for grown people.  My three-year-old, Hudson, giggled through the whole meal as he blew at the flames, tried to touch them and watched them flicker and then go out.  Dennis and I still had to practice patience with our children, but this is a Valentine's that they will remember for awhile.  If I were a betting kind of girl, I think this was more memorable for them (and me) than it would have been taking them out.

So, in all of the beating myself up for not being able to give my boys a lot, I believe that we have taught them that living simple can create the best memories.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Autotext ~ Friend or Enemy

I am waiting to hear the verdict on autotexting. I was very excited at first, when I got a new cell phone that had this great application.  After all, it was very helpful if you weren't quite sure how to spell a word. And, it made texting for a beginner like me, much faster.  But after a few embarrassing mishaps, I am not sure if I like it at all.

Here are a few of my "oops" moments.  One day, Dennis, my hubby was chatting with his buddy on Facebook.  Whatever his friend said to him must have been hilarious.  So, I quickly text his buddy what I thought said, "you just made my honey laugh out loud".  After pressing "send", to my horror, the text actually read "you just made my HINEY laugh out loud".  OH NO!!! There was no way through my own laughter that brought me to tears, that I could text him fast enough to explain.  In fact, he told Dennis about my text before I could retract my statement.  That was the first of many embarrassing autotext surprises.  Another, was when I was texting my friend named Tami.  After finishing the whole message, I looked at the beginning and saw that autotext had changed "Tami" to "TANK".  That so could have been a disaster to our friendship.  Not to mention, that I was asking her for a fattening recipe! YIKES!  And then, just yesterday, I was texting another friend.  In the middle of our conversation, I asked her, "How is Donna doing?"  It was only after I got a response like "???", that I looked at what I had sent her.  It said, "How is Cinnamon doing?"  Now, tell me please, how does autotext get CINNAMON out of Donna?  I laughed out loud and tried to explain that autotext sent that....RIGHT!!! HAHA!  I can just see her mind spinning....why would Cindy, a pastor's wife, be asking me about a stripper?  Well, at least that's what came into my mind as I saw Cinnamon! 

So, I guess my advise to you who use this demon called autotext, READ BEFORE YOU SEND!  And, my conclusion is... ENEMY! What do you think?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beginning my blog....

This is my first time to blog.  Life can be fun, crazy and unpredictable especially with children.  I hope to share with you some of those crazy stories from my everyday life with four boys.  (well.....five, with my crazy hubby)